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Science and technology development co., LTD., established in zhuzhou macro letter2005Years6Month(Formerly known as zhuzhou hongxin special building materials co., LTD),Is a collection of product research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。Company headquarters is located in zhuzhou city, hunan province togeher state industrial park,Fixed asset investment1.5One hundred million yuan,The total area6Million square meters,The construction area4Million square meters,Equipped with modern automatic production line。


The company was set up
6Thousands more
The total area
50Ten thousand tons
Annual production capacity

Hongzhi in the chest,Credibility of the world

Be able to use advanced materials technology at home and abroad,According to the cement production、Concrete processing、The production practice and development of coal enterprises demand,Scientific adjustment formula,Customise products

Be considered“High and new technology enterprise”、“Provincial enterprise technology center”,PassedISO9aa000002015Quality management system certification and the quality of the China building materials inspection certification center certification。

Cement grinding aid has been made、Section coal agent national invention patent5Items,The patent for utility model8Items。

Provincial enterprise technology center

High and new technology enterprise certificate

Little giant enterprise in hunan province

Cement grinding aid China top ten innovative enterprises benchmarking(A medal)

With the constant innovation of the company's products,Expanding market segment,Constantly enhance its capability of radiation,Established a good relationship with foreign cooperation

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Gather real-time dynamic company,Release the latest news of the company,Welcome to your attention!

The company2018In summary and work2019Mobilize the deployment assembly
2Month13The company held a day2018Conclusion recognition and years of work2019In assembly work deployment。Company general manager Deng Cheng hong made at the meeting“Sound bites、The countenance”The theme of the report。2018Years,The company through the joint efforts of all staff,The successful completion of each year,Sales、Profit tax record highs。On the meeting2018The annual awards the advanced workers and awarded honorary certificates。The scene of the meeting
Party lecture
2Month17Day,The company party branch all party member conference,And held2019Annual party class for the first time。The new party members back to join the communist party oath
Especially, the hi-tech industry development provincial department leadership
9Month4Day,Deputy director of the provincial department of new and high place Peng Zisheng、Mao Mingde deputy director of the provincial productivity promotion center,Sales department minister Li Ying、Province people's government development research center, the researcher of BeiXingYa line, etc8People,Come to my company to high-tech industry development。  Teams on the ground looked at company production workshop、Enterprise technology center,Understand the company research and development、Production、The sales,For the company to develop the practice of driving the development of industry to give the full affirmation,The county party committee secretary Tan Runhong、. To do the magistrate su ta、Minister of united front accompanied by song long march together。

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